What services do you provide?

Speech, Occupational, Physical, Feeding, and Play-based therapy.

What age children do you treat?

Typically we treat children aged birth to 12, but also treat teenagers as well.

How do I setup an appointment?

First contact your Primary Care Physician (typically your pediatrician) and ask them to send a therapy referral to Therapy Playground.

If you have Tricare Prime then your child’s Tricare physician must submit the referral to Tricare and have it requested to be authorized for Therapy Playground.

Will you see my child in my home / daycare / school?

Yes, if they are less than 3 years old AND enrolled in the IFP (Infant Toddler Program)  through the CDSA.

What is the CDSA?

CDSA is the Children’s Developmental Services Agency

Fax: 910-486-1590

1211-A Ireland Drive
Fayetteville NC 28304

Do we provide therapy at night or weekends?

Typically the latest appointments begin at 5:00pm if they are available and are Monday – Friday.

Can I download forms online?

Yes, click HERE to download them.

How long do the therapy sessions last?

  • Typically the initial evaluation will last between 90 minutes and 2 hours.
  • Most speech and feeding therapy sessions are 30 minutes.
  • Most occupational and physical therapy sessions are 45 minutes.

What is the frequency of a therapy session?

Most therapy sessions are either once or twice a week.

What should I bring to the first session / evaluation?

  • Insurance cards (Medicaid, BCBS, Aetna, etc)
  • Military ID if child has Tricare
  • Any previous eval or treatment information
  • IEP (Individualized Education Plan) if you have one, this would be from the school
  • For a feeding session, bring food that your child does and does not eat

Does my child see the same therapist each session?

Yes.  Unless there is a major change in schedule, your child will see the same therapist each week which will help build a positive relationship.

Do we provide ABA or behavioural therapy?

No.  We recommend for this type of therapy to either contact Carolina ABA (910-401-2870) or Haymount Institute (910-860-7008).

Do we have a preschool or daycare?


Which insurance do you accept?

We accept Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Medicaid, Tricare and many other insurance carriers. If therapy is not a covered service under your insurance, you may opt to pay out of pocket for your child’s treatment visits. Payment plans can be discussed at the time of referral, once the financial responsibility of the parent has been determined.

Our fee schedule is as follows:

• Speech-Language Screening free of charge
• Speech-Language Evaluation $140
• Speech-Language Treatment $45 per half hour session
• Physical Therapy Screening free of charge
• Physical Therapy Evaluation $140
• Physical Therapy Treatment $45 per half hour session
• Occupational Therapy Screening free of charge
• Occupational Therapy Evaluation $140
• Occupational Therapy Treatment $45 per half hour session

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

What is your sick policy?