Therapy Playground’s Fee Schedule effective 9/1/2020:

Effective September 1, 2020, Therapy Playground, Inc.’s rates will be increasing because of changes that have been made in the insurance industry for allowable reimbursement rates.

The charges are listed as follows:

  • Evaluation of speech fluency $325.00
  • Speech treatment $130.00
  • Evaluation of feeding $200.00
  • Feeding treatment $195.00
  • Evaluation of Physical Therapy $200.00
  • Re-evaluation of Physical Therapy $150.00
  • Evaluation of Occupational Therapy $200.00
  • Re-evaluation of Occupational Therapy $150.00
  • Therapeutic procedure, each 15 minute unit $65.00
  • Neuro-muscular reeducation of movement, each 15 minute unit $65.00Gait training, each 15 minute unit $65.00
  • Therapeutic activities, each 15 minute unit $65.00

    Therapy Playground will continue to work with families through payment plan agreements for the amounts that a family may owe.

If you have any questions or any billing questions in the future, please contact us at (910)423-5622.

Thank you for allowing Therapy Playground, to provide the services that your child needs and we are thankful that you have trusted us with their services.