What is CBRS?
CBRS stands for Community Based Rehabilitative Services, also known as Play Therapy. CBRS is an early intervention service that is designed to promote cognitive, physical, behavioral, self-help, social-emotional, and language skills. CBRS providers see children with a wide range of disabilities and diagnosis. CBRS services are available for children birth to three years of age who have been deemed eligible through the Children’s Developmental Services Agency (CDSA) for the North Carolina Infant Toddler Program. Interested in the CDSA and if your child is eligible? Visit this site for more information: https://beearly.nc.gov/index.php/families/eligible

What can CBRS do to help my child?
CBRS providers work hard with your child and your family to offer a wide range of activities and information aimed at the individual needs of each child and their family. Direct one on one play-based therapy and parent/caregiver education are provided through hands on learning. CBRS can sometimes be mistaken for “just playing” but activities are focused on playing with a purpose and promoting developmental skills.

Where are CBRS services provided?
CBRS services can be provided in a variety of settings including: at home, a childcare facility, church, babysitters house, grandparents’ house, playground, etc. Any natural setting that is within a partnership that respects the individual family’s needs, beliefs, cultures, and values.

Who is eligible for the Infant Toddler Program?
According to the CDSA any child and family may receive support and services if the child is:
-up to three years old and
-has certain levels of developmental delay or an established condition.
-A child with a developmental delay is not developing like other children his age.

The delay can be in one or more of the following areas:
-thinking and learning
-moving, seeing, hearing and health
-understanding and using sounds, gestures and words
-responding to and developing relationships
-taking care of oneself when doing things like feeding or dressing

A child with an established condition has a diagnosed health condition that will very likely cause a developmental delay. This includes:
-genetic disorders, such as Down Syndrome or cystic fibrosis
-congenital infections, such as HIV and rubella
-central nervous system disorders, such as cerebral palsy and epilepsy
-hearing loss
-vision problems

Take a look at the milestone chart to see whether your child is meeting developmental milestones during the first years of life. If you have questions or concerns contact a CBRS provider at Therapy Playground with questions. Success in your child’s growth and development can benefit from EARLY action. The Earlier You Know, The Better They’ll Grow!

Watch this podcast to learn a little more about play therapy!
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CBRS Play Therapist:
Hailey Raper, ITS
Infant Toddler Specialist
CBRS Provider

What is CBRS??