Finger isolation is a fine motor skill that typically develops around 6 months of age and helps kids with their dexterity and precision. This skill requires kids to use one finger to complete a task. For example, pointing with one finger, wiggling each finer on its own, and counting with your fingers all require finger isolation. Being able to isolate each finger can help with more complex skills, such as writing, typing, and tying shoes.

Finger isolation is important to the development of more complex fine motor skills. Here are some activities you can do at home to help your child with this skill. With any of these activities, you can help your child point by positioning their hand in a fist and holding down all of their fingers except their index/pointer finger.

Pointing games like “I Spy”
Water Guns/Spray Bottles
Popping Bubbles
Finger Games like “Itsy Bitsy Spider”
Finger Painting
Finger Puppets
Finger Isolation