Kelly and Audra discuss using bubbles in speech therapy.    Some children may have weak muscels of the lips, or the orbicularis oris, so we need to work on “lip rounding”.  You can also use bubbles for frontal air flow by blowing the bubbles through the wand.

SIgn language can also be used in therapy with the bubbles, the child can sign for more, bubbles, etc.

Kids love bubbles, and can work on basic concepts such as “big bubbles”, “lots of bubbles”, “bubbles going up or down”, and “popping the bubbles”.  They can used for answering questions such as “who is going to blow the bubbles”.  Is mommy going to blow the bubbles, or am I going to blow them, or are you going to blow them.

In articulation therapy a lot of times we do drill and practice, which may be boring for some children, so you can use the bubbles as a reward system.   It is very useful for the developmental sounds of “B”, “P”, and “M” (for Bubbles, Pop, and More).

Speech Therapy Bubbles
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