Jenn and Jenny discuss common concerns among young children, broken bones due to high activity levels and the “astronaut training program” therapy technique. David broke his arm falling off a swing, and was already an occupational therapy patient.

Once a child has a cast in place, you need to make sure to check the fingers and arm above and below the cast for swelling, changes in color or temperature. If there are, you can do massages, exercises to pump the fluid out of the fingers.

Parent may have concerns having therapy for a child with a cast, but it is recommended to continue therapy, depending on the therapy goals. Treatment may need to be slightly modified, and the parent should discuss any concerns with the therapist.

The “astronaut training program” is a technique use to help process movement better. Some children have under responsiveness to movement, and some have over-responsiveness to movement, which can cause dizziness. This may cause a child to be a lot more active and to seek out sensory stimulus more.

Another technique is called rapid horizontal saccadic eye movements. This also helps his vestibular system. With rapid horizontal smooth pursuit eye movements, the patient must track from left to right, or right to left without moving the head. Patient must also track the sounds through the ear, which is another technique used to process the sensation of movement.


Occupational Therapy Astronaut Training Program