I am Melissa and I work at Therapy Playground.
And I am going to show you how to bill a secondary claim at NC Tracks.
The first thing you need to do is sign into NC Tracks.

Once you’re in, you’re going to go to Create a Professional Claim.

You’ll click on your own company for your group and NPI.

You’ll tell it which office, most of us only have one.

And then enter the Recipient ID.

In the dates of service you can enter a range, or if it’s only one day you enter the same day twice.

You can tab between these fields or click on them, I do a lot of tabbing because I can count, and I know how many times I need to tab.

You’ll notice it has your patient information, across the top so you know you’re doing the right person, we have a red astricts so we need to go ahead and fill this in.

I have everything written down to make this go quicker, billing a secondary shouldn’t take more than say 2 minutes, maybe 3 if you have the information, or you can copy and paste from your computer system.

At this point, going from tab to tab, you can either click on the next tab, your you can click on Next. I typically use whichever is showing.

Key in anything with the red star.

You can tab over or click on it.

When you get to claim frequency type, it’s always whether it’s a primary or secondary, the number 1.

Admit / Discharge it’s one day, one session, that’s what works in that block regardless. Provider signature on file is always filled in for you already.

Assignment of Benifits is always a “YES”.

Release of Information (ROI), it’s either “SIGNED” or “INFORMED”, but ours are always signed.

Provider Accept Assignment Code: “YES”

Place of Service: Typically the OFFICE or HOME, wherever you are treating.

At this point, all of these at the bottome of the page are already filled in with “NO”. I always skip this, there’s nothing we need to fill out.

Go to “Provider Information” tab.

The first part is billing provider: Our billing provider is a company, not a person, so initially I’m telling it to be the “NON-PERSON”.

Our company is already in there because we started out that way, if not if you have others loaded in there you need to change, you can, but something has to be in there.

The address and taxonomy code is alredy in there, BECAUSE they are associated with the NPI.

Is the Rendering Provider the same as the Billing Provider? It is not, your rendering provider is the one who preformed the service. So you’re going to tell it NO, and it will open up the screen so you can tell NC Tracks who provided that service.

This time the Provider Type is a person, and if you have a favorite list that you’ve already loaded which we have, you an select the therapist which provided that service. If not, if you can key in the NPI instead.

Tell it which office and the Taxonomy Code such as Speech Pathologist.

Would you like to add a Referring Provider? Yes I would, because NC Tracks needs to know who the Carolina Access doctor was who referred the child over.

NC Tracks Medicaid billing secondaries in POMCS
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