Chrissy and Erin explain how the speech developmental milestones correspond to speech therapy across different age groups.

Usually at the 18-month checkup is when the pediatrician may make a referral for a child who may need speech therapy.  The pediatrician can make the referral through the CDSA (Childrens Developmental Services Agency), or directly to a therapy clinic.

If the referral is made through the CDSA, the family will be assigned a service coordinator who, along with the parents and therapist will determine the best place for therapy, such as the home, daycare, or clinic.

In addition to speech therapy, their social interaction will be addressed as well.  This is usually done with games and songs, which will allow the child to work on appropriate eye contact, turn taking, and other socially appropriate interactions.

When the child turns 3 years old, they will transition from the CDSA to a clinic or preschool based environment.  These services can be received by the school system or through an insurance provider such as Tricare, Medicaid, Blue Cross Blue Shield, etc.

During the early school aged years (5 to 7 years), or kindergarten through 2nd grade.  The schools may also supplement therapy in a group setting, sometimes up to 5 children at time.

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