Fraud and Compliance – August 2013

Jenn discusses insurance fraud and compliance training.  A must-see.
The goal of the compliance program is to provide a tool that strengthens the efforts of health care providers to prevent and reduce fraud and improper conduct.
Part 1: Conducting internal monitoring and auditing through the performance of periodic audits
Part 2: Implementing compliance and practice standards through the development of written standards and procedures.
Part 3: Designating a compliance officer to monitor compliance efforts and enforce practice standards
Part 4: Conducting appropriate training and education on practice standards and procedures
Part 5: Responding appropriately to detected violations through the investigation and allegations and the disclosure of incidents to appropriate government entities
Part 6: Developing open lines of communication to keep practice employees updated regarding compliance activities
Part 7: Enforcing disciplinary standards through well publicized guidelines

Fraud and Compliance
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